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Droppy is an open source self hosted file sharing script that allows you to setup and host your own file sharing service

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Droppy offers a large set of features out of the box.

  • ImageShare files using email or link
  • ImageFile encryption
  • ImageUser accounts
  • Image(add-on) User subscriptions
  • ImageDrag & Drop files
  • ImagePassword protected downloads
  • ImageAutomatic file destruction
  • Image(add-on) S3 and FTP/SFTP support

Self hosted file sharing solution

With Droppy you are in control over your data. By self hosting your own file sharing platform you know where the data is stored and how it is stored. You set your own file limits and don't have to rely on a third-party service.


Self hosted

Host your file sharing platform on your own server and set your own limits. You are the one in control over your data.



You are able to lock down the upload and/or download page and only allow specific accounts to upload and/or download files on your site. This can be useful if you only want to allow specific users to upload files on your website such as employees inside your company.


Automatic destruction

Droppy will destroy each upload after a specified amount of time, or (when enabled) destroy all files after all the recipients have downloaded the files.


File encryption

When file encryption is enabled all stored files will be encrypted using an unique encryption key. The files are only able to be decrypted using Droppy, no-one else is able to view the contents of the files stored on your server.



Droppy has space for 2 adsense blocks that are easily set using your admin panel. The premium add-on also allows your to offer subscriptions to your users and give them extra privileges and higher limits.


Admin panel

View statistics, uploads and downloads from your website, manage all settings such as titles, limits, mail templates and page contents.

Available add-ons


Premium add-on

Give your users the option to purchase a subscription and gain extra perks such as larger file uploads, longer storage and additional features such as upload password protection and auto-destruction. The add-on supports Paypal and Stripe as payment gateway.

Purchase premium add-on

S3 add-on

Connect your Droppy setup to any S3 supported endpoint and never have to worry about running out of space again. The S3 add-on is able to connect to services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Digitalocean and many more!

Purchase S3 add-on

FTP/SFTP add-on

Connect your Droppy setup to an external FTP or SFTP server to store your files on another server. The add-on supports both FTP and SFTP and authentication using username, password and private key (RSA).

Purchase FTP add-on

Active Directory add-on

The Active Directory (AD) add-on for Droppy allows your users to login with their company account using Active directory. The add-on supports AD using LDAP and Azure AD.

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